eSign Overview

Everything you need to know about eSign in Stavvy

What is eSign?

  • eSign allows for documents to be reviewed and electronically signed outside of a Stavvy Meeting.
    • This is only an option for documents that do not need notarization

How to create an eSign packet

1. Create an eSign packet from the '+Create New' button in the top left hand corner of your account.

2. Name the packet and click 'Next'

Screen Recording 3-9-2023 at 3.53 PM
3. Upload documents and select who needs to sign

4. Add signer(s) information

Note: there is option to 'Set signing order'. If this box is checked off, the document(s) must be signed in the order of the signers (ex: Signer 2 cannot sign until Signer 1 has signed, Signer 3 cannot sign until Signers 1 & 2 have signed, etc)

5. Annotate the document and click "Mark ready to Sign'. For more information on annotating click here

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6. Review packet details, add an optional message to be included in the invite, save a draft packet or save & send a finalized packet to signers.

Please Note: Once a packet is in progress, the eSign packet can no longer be updated or edited. You'll want to make sure all edits have been made before sending the packet to signers. Packets can be saved as a Draft by clicking 'Save & Exit' before sending to signers. 

For information on redrawing an eSign packet, click here

How to complete an eSign packet

Once an eSign packet has been saved and sent to signers, signers will receive an email letting them know a packet is available.

  1. Once they click the link and verify their email, the Signer(s) will be brought to the Stavvy Signer Portal.

  2. Signer(s) can review all documents, and sign any documents with annotations

  3. Once completed, Signer(s) will be able to download the eSign packet at anytime from the Signer Portal

  4. Note: If a eSign signature is incorrect, follow this guide

If a signer does not complete the signing within 48 hours after the packet has been sent, they will be sent a reminder email. 

For signer instructions on accessing an eSign packet, see here for desktop instructions, and here for mobile instructions

Watch Demonstration Here:

HubSpot Video