Troubleshooting the KBA

Reasons that the KBA may not generate

  • If the signer does not have a Social Security Number or does not have enough credit, the KBA will not be able to generate any questions.

  • Common issues with a Signer's name
    • If the signer had a recent name change KBA would not be able to generate any questions because there may not be enough history for that new name.
    • If the signer is a Jr. or a Sr. (ex: John Doe Jr.) If so, update their name to include the suffix and try again
    • Try adding or removing a middle name
  • Common issues with a Signer's address
    • If they have recently moved, try both the current AND last address
      • Note: If the signer lives outside of the United States, they should enter their most recent U.S address

If everything checks out and the KBA continues to not show for the signer, the signer may simply not have enough credit history to generate questions. If this is the case, the signer would not be able to move forward and complete the KBA.

Troubleshooting completing the KBA

  • The range of questions for a Signer's KBA can span their entire credit history. 
  • Best practices are to give your Signer's a heads up ahead of the Meeting so that they are able to review their credit history ahead of time.  Send them the KBA Article with full list of potential questions here
  • Common reasons why your Signer might think the questions don't relate to them:
    • They were added as an authorized user to a credit card belonging to someone else
    • They have used someone else's mailing address in the past
    • They co-signed on a loan
    • If they are a Jr. or Sr., it's possible they may see questions related to the Sr. or Jr.
    • They may see questions related to a spouse/ex-spouse

Please note that a 3rd party system is generating these questions