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Microphone or Camera Troubleshooting

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Check First - Common Issues

1. Am I using a supported browser?

Currently, Stavvy supports the following list of browsers and devices.

Device Type Brand & System Supported Browsers Non-Supported Browsers
Desktop & Laptop Windows
  • Chrome (recommended)
  • Firefox 
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
Desktop & Laptop Mac & Apple
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Tablet iPad & iOS Safari Chrome
Mobile & Phone iPhone & iOS Safari Chrome

Mobile experience is not guaranteed on older devices. The Stavvy experience works best on newer mobile devices, and mobile devices that are older than 2 or 3 years may not be able to perform a Stavvy meeting. We always recommend using a tablet or personal computer over a mobile device.

2. Am I using a built-in or external camera?

If you are using an external camera (ie. not the camera that comes embedded in your laptop), make sure you have the correct drivers installed for your computer to operate the device.

To double check if your camera is working at all, head to this website. If you are unable to get the camera working there, the issue may be with the compatibility of your computer and camera.

Are you on a Windows computer? Windows only allows a single application to access the video camera at a time. For Windows users, we recommend a full restart of the computer, followed by the use of Firefox when accessing the Stavvy meeting.

3. Is Stavvy blocked from accessing your camera and microphone?

In many cases, the browser will prevent a website from accessing your video camera by default. It may be necessary to specifically allow Stavvy.com access to these devices.

Chrome - How to allow video camera access

In the top right corner, you should see a button. When clicked, you will see the screen below. Select "always allow...", press done, and refresh the page to continue.

Firefox - How to allow video camera access

In the top left corner, you should see a button. When clicked, you will see the screen below. Press the "X" next to "Blocked Temporarily" for both the Microphone and Camera and refresh the page to allow Stavvy to access these devices.

Safari - How to allow video camera access

Right-click on the address bar where it says "connect.stavvy.com" and click "Settings for This Website".

After, the below popup will show. Right next to Camera and Microphone, click where it says "Ask" or "Deny" and select :"Allow".

Refresh the page to allow Stavvy to pick up the changes.

I am joining this meeting on a tablet or mobile device

iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones with Safari should work with the Stavvy system. However, variations in the specific device and iOS version cause discrepancies which on occasion do cause the Stavvy system to malfunction with some mobile devices. In the event where your iOS device is not working with the Stavvy system, we suggest finding a desktop or laptop computer that you can use for the meeting.

I have tried multiple browsers and nothing is working

Please reach out to support@stavvy.com for further assistance

Check out our article on Technical Requirements to Use Stavvy