Resetting Your IdenTrust Digital Certificate Password

Forgot your IdenTrust password? Read this guide!

Please note, your account password to log into IdenTrust may differ from the password on the digital certificate. If you forgot your Identrust Account Password, use the "I forgot my account password" button from this page


  • Identrust Certificates require a password to upload into your Stavvy Notary Profile
  • If you forget your certificate password, you will need to replace your current certificate, and set a password for the replacement certificate. See instructions below:
    • Go to this URL and login to your Identrust account
    • Select Replace Your Certificate from the dropdown, click 'Continue', and follow the on screen prompts to issue your replacement Certificate.
  • Once you change the digital certificate's password, you will need to re-download the digital certificate and upload it to your Stavvy Notary Profile. Stavvy will not accept a previously downloaded certificate once the password is changed. 
  • If you're looking to learn more about purchasing and uploading your IdenTrust certificate, please find our help center article here!

If you would prefer to work with IdenTrust directly on this, find their contact info below: